Home Inspection and its importance

The importance of Home Inspection

Whether a house is a newly-constructed house or a 100-year-old building, a home inspection is important for every building. New home buyers can have the expectations that their new home will be free from any concerns but the scenario is not always so. Cosmetic flaws or electrical and plumbing issues can be found in both new and existing/old homes. Here we have to understand one thing that the issues in the home do not necessarily depend on the age of the home. The excitement of buying a new home or moving into a new home many a time makes us forget to conduct a Professional Home Inspection. We take it for granted that the house is issue-free. Also some of the times we ignore doing a professional home inspection thinking it as a waste of time and money. Homebuyers or owners a lot of times consider professional home inspection as an extra cost in which they should not invest. If you have a professional home inspection, you can avoid the nightmare that you might face 6 months down the line.

Poor Workmanship

The construction workers can do a bad job, they might make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly and they won’t even have any botheration about it. They know they have to finish it within a time frame and hence they focus on finishing the work by hook or by crook. Their supervisor might miss out on some critical or simple issues while checking or simply may not be that kind of a responsible person. So in this whole matter, construction is getting affected, and when a buyer buys or takes it on rent that person will be getting the home/flat with all those issues.

Not a penny more

As I was mentioning earlier some people think professional home inspection to be utterly useless. They have this notion that if they are buying a new home/apartment, then everything is perfect. They don’t realize that there can be hidden concerns that will pop up its head after a few months of living in that house. These persons omit the expense of professional home inspection while making the budget for the home purchase. According to them, they are saving money. But Alas! they do not know what might be waiting for them in the future. Issues like damp on the wall with your favourite wallpaper or water clogging in the bathroom due to uneven slope, an electrical problem because of incorrect wiring, and many such things can crop up after a year or so or maybe even earlier. If they would have done a professional home inspection before or after purchasing the home, they would have suffered less monetarily and would also have peace of mind. Trying to save a penny, ultimately made them shell out more money in the long run.

The builder has to correct the issues/RERA Act

Your new home has issues and you are wrecking your head as to who will correct them? The Government has launched an ingenious act – Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA, India), 2016 that states 5 years free-of-cost guarantee from structural / workmanship defect or any other quality or provision of services or any other obligations of the promoter from the date of possession of new homes. You can rest in peace now because your builder has to rectify such mistakes and that also free of cost.

Protect your family/loved ones from health and safety issues

We are sure that the health and safety of your family is your number one priority. A professional home inspection service can determine the quality of your home that is very crucial. Faulty installations of dryer vents, gas connections can be harmful to the ones living in the house. There is also an element that can pose a gigantic threat to your family. It is ‘moisture’. The negative effect of moisture is beyond your imagination. To know more on moisture issues click on – www.macj-abuyerschoice.com/real-estate/moisture-damp-seepage-invisible-silent-killer-unsuspecting-criminal/. The issues whether they are minute or otherwise should be tackled properly by a professional home inspection company to safeguard the occupants and your loved ones from any health and safety issues. You should definitely be aware of them before you expose your family and yourself to it.

Save Life

Everything in this world has a shelf-life, beyond that it might not function properly or might not function at all. In the case of faulty electrical and electronic appliances, it can increase your electrical bills, in the case of plumbing; old pipes can be the cause of leaks by which your water is getting wasted, and so on. Since a professional home inspection is the examination of the exact condition of your home and its elements and components, hence the home inspector can point out items that need servicing or repair or replacement, or maintenance. It will help you to save resources like water or electricity. It will also help in making financial decisions for other things and items.

Trust the Home Inspector

We can vouch for the fact that you cannot see what an expert professional home inspector can see. We are an ethical real-estate company and thus we always recommend going for a health check-up of your property. Educate yourself on professional home inspection because a home inspector will guide you on ways to maintain the home that you have bought from us to keep it safe, sound, and healthy for a prolonged period of time. The home inspector will help you to lengthen the longevity and strength of your home by providing you invaluable tips. Trust us when we say rely on your home inspector when he /she suggests particular rectification works. Because by doing so, he/she is ultimately saving you from huge expenses that you might have to incur later.

Do not miss out on Professional Home Inspection because then you are missing out on many things; you will not be able to make your builder correct the issues and then the problem will be entirely yours. Take advantage of the RERA act. Defend your family against invisible troubles. Do not end up losing lakhs by trying to save a few thousand by skipping the professional home inspection. A professional Home Inspection will make you aware and save you from many known and unknown problems and prevent you from inadvertently buying a money pit. Gift your family a safe and healthy home!

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