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A guide to buying a luxurious apartment in Kolkata

Posted by Get My Ghar on May 20, 2022

When you’re looking to buy a house, it can be an exciting and time-consuming process. However, when you know your way through the process well, things will become clearer and more simple for you. Whether you want luxurious apartment in Kolkata, firstly make sure that you’re aware of what your options are.

Buying a home is a milestone, whether you’re purchasing it for yourself or as an investment. It’s important to choose the right property and finalize the purchase in order to make it worthwhile. Kolkata’s growing demand for a high standard of living without breaking the bank makes it the perfect time for you to buy your dream apartment. The joy of owning your own home is priceless, even if it does come with a hefty price tag. You need to save up some extra cash just in case the real estate market dips.

The country’s Kolkata is a city with old-world charm & modern-day design and is a thriving market for luxury real estate. From stately architecture and high-tech luxurious amenities to personalized services such as concierge, supervised creches, brand-name food & the facilities, amenities, and services at complexes with luxury homes in Kolkata are designed to enthral even the most discerning buyer. The list of luxuries on offer is inexhaustible and exciting.

Kolkata is a beautiful city located in West Bengal, India. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and has been home to many international companies like PepsiCo, Airtel, and ICICI Bank. Kolkata also has a vibrant nightlife with many clubs and pubs around the city. In Kolkata, there are a number of luxury apartments that are available for rent. These luxury apartments have all kinds of amenities to offer in the most convenient location. If you are planning to get your dream luxury house in Kolkata, you should very carefully pick out the locations.

These are the top 5 locations for all of you who are looking for luxury apartments in Kolkata.

luxurious apartment in Kolkata
  • Ballygunge – This is one of the best areas in Kolkata that has a lot to offer. Its central location makes it easy to get around and its high-end restaurants, shopping malls, and clubs make it an ideal destination.
  • Sarat Bose Road – This is a great neighbourhood with some of the best restaurants and cafes in Kolkata. The shopping here is also fantastic, with everything from high-end shopping malls to small, quaint shops.
  • LoudonStreet – This is one of the best places in Kolkata to live if you want a luxury apartment with easy access to everything you need. It has great schools, parks, and hospitals all within walking distance of your door.
  • EM Bypass Near Science City – This is a great neighbourhood for students, young professionals, and couples who are looking for living at cheaper rates than the rest of Kolkata. It also has access to some of the best cultural attractions in Kolkata like the art gallery and botanical garden. There are many different types of restaurants, shops, and markets to choose from.
  • Phoolbagan and Beliaghata – This is definitely a great place to be if you want relocation. It has the advantages of being a metropolitan city with great schools, parks, and hospitals all within walking distance of your door.

If you’re looking at purchasing a home, then you might be wondering what to keep in mind. The good news is that there’s no right answer to how much home you can afford. Each person is different and always has different needs. It is important to make a list of primary and important things that you consider as the main priorities. You can take help from the best real estate company in Kolkata, Get My Ghar to make things easier.

Cost, location, convenience, security and facilities are all important matters when deciding where to house your business. These factors vary from person to person and will therefore require individual consideration.

Let’s check out some important things to know before buying a luxury apartment in Kolkata:

luxurious apartment in Kolkata
  1. Is it really luxurious? Or is it all in the name?
luxurious apartment in Kolkata

The luxury tag is a designation that’s used by companies to market their assets and brands. It doesn’t have a specific meaning and isn’t representative of all assets or brands on the market, so it’s best not to use this term without careful consideration.

Don’t get swayed by the glossy brochures! While a “clear-cut definition” of “luxury” doesn’t exist, think of it in terms of what this means to you. If you would like a swimming pool or Jacuzzi in your luxury home, find one that comes with these amenities.

Here are some key things to consider when assessing the luxury quotient of a project. What location does your building have? How widely-recognizable is this brand name? What features does it offer (automatic lighting system, multi-level car parking spaces, biometric locking, etc.)?”

Make sure the building has good earthquake-resistance & fire safety measures and also ensure strong security measures are in place. You’ll also want to make sure that there is sufficient attention paid to waste disposal, etc.

  1. Is the location just right for you?
luxurious apartment in Kolkata

When you’re investing in a luxury apartment, you need to make sure that the location is ideal. Location is not an exception. When you’re looking for a luxury home, experts say that location should be given more precedence over the other usual amenities and specifics.

Every buyer wants to buy a home in an area that offers good commuting options and local conveniences, if not social infrastructure. Obtaining this kind of information can be difficult, but it’s important to do the right research before making a move. You might also want to take into account what nearby amenities the apartment that you want to rent will provide. Make sure it is close to schools, hospitals, airports, markets, etc.

Developers put a lot of thought into the location of their luxury projects but then again, content quality is important. High-end apartments should be good layouts with amenities nearby and nearby schools & hospitals. So it’s best to choose somewhere that’s generally comfortable and nicer yet still out of the way when you need it to be. Luxury is about striking a balance between good ambience and proximity, so find the right location for you. Locations like Ballygunge, New Alipore, and EM Bypass provide a great environment that has a mix of residential and commercial spaces. These locations also have luxury apartments.

  1. Amenities and Services
luxurious apartment in Kolkata

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment, then you’ll want to make sure it meets your needs and offers the best possible price. Luxury apartments are designed to provide maximum comfort, unmatched architectural brilliance, and cutting-edge facilities like Wi-Fi, multiple parking, fast elevators, 24/7 security & surveillance and so on.

Would this property satisfy your needs? It has a lot of different amenities that would serve the purpose of occasional gatherings and social events in the form of poolside parties, cocktail parties, snooker matches etc. If a property is located far from the city centre and you’ve got plenty of amenities already on-site, you should be offered more facilities like ATMs, grocery stores, salons, spas & bars etc.

  1. Friendly neighbourhood
luxurious apartment in Kolkata

Communal living is trending right now. It’s more about the community around you and spending time exploring what they have to offer. Make sure you do your homework on the other residents if that’s important to you. Would you like to share your leisure time with them? This holds especially true for seniors who often look for a good companion in their neighbours.

  1. Keep your budget in mind
luxurious apartment in Kolkata

When you’re buying a home, find one that’s affordable while still providing all the amenities you require. With the internet, it’s easier than ever to find properties you’ll love.

When looking for a bank to get a loan from, do your research. As with anything else in your life, find the one that offers you the best interest! Try to find the best developers in Kolkata that have a long-standing presence in the real estate industry. Look at their residential projects, reviews, and ratings. If you’re unsure, ask some people who have previously worked with them.

  1. Cost Assessment
luxurious apartment in Kolkata

When buying a property, it is always important to learn about the total cost of living in that particular area. This can be a bit complicated unless you work with a real estate agent who can break down all of the costs for you and ensure what you’re buying is affordable.

When looking at cost per square foot, a super built-in area always adds extra money to the purchase price which can often be passed on to future buyers if they decide to sell. Cost per square foot can also vary based on location, construction materials use,d and overall contractor experience. Kolkata’s real estate sector is very complicated and can be quite costly, so it is best to enlist the help of an experienced agent who can guide you through the buying process

Here are some tips that will keep you on the right path so you can buy your dream home without any issues. These points will prevent any hurdles in the buying process, which is a wise investment decision.

If you are looking for quality homes in India, Get My Ghar is the best place to find your dream house. It offers spacious flat complexes with luxurious amenities. The company will guide you through the process of evaluating & finding your dream home in Kolkata.

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