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Top 10 Developers in Kolkata in 2024

Posted by Get My Ghar on February 7, 2024
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The ‘City of Joy,’ Kolkata, has been a center for contemporary real estate development and architecture over the past few years. Kolkata has grown in popularity among developers and purchasers due to its diverse cultural legacy and modern infrastructure. Let’s analyze Kolkata’s top ten developers and builders who are currently dominating the building and development sectors as we approach 2024.


1. Merlin Group

The Merlin Group was born in 1984 and has since grown into one of Kolkata’s premier development enterprises. In the real estate sector, this group has carved out a name for itself by placing a significant emphasis on timely project delivery and customer satisfaction. Its housing developments are made to offer their occupants an opulent and cozy lifestyle. Merlin Serenia, Merlin Rise, and Merlin Avana are a few of their notable projects.


2. Ambuja Neotia

With a strong commitment to designing vibrant, sustainable living environments, Ambuja Neotia has emerged as a significant force in Kolkata’s real estate industry. Their creations are the ideal fusion of environmentally conscious design and contemporary aesthetics. Awaaz Real Estate Awards’ ‘Best Real Estate Developer’ title is among the many accolades Ambuja Neotia has won for its projects. Udayan. Some of their prominent initiatives are Urvisha, Ujjwala, and Ecospace.


3. The Siddha Group

Siddha Group, a real estate company based in Kolkata, was founded in 1986 and has experienced rapid growth. They seek to offer their inhabitants a distinctive living experience with a strong emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction. Their modern designs and top-notch amenities have made their projects well-known. Siddha Eden Lakeville, Siddha Sky, and Siddha Happyville are a few of their significant plans.

PS Group

4. PS Group

PS Group has been a prominent developer in Kolkata for more than thirty years, having gained experience in the real estate industry. For their occupants, they aim to design cutting-edge, environmentally friendly living environments. Their designs are cutting-edge, and their projects are renowned for their superior quality. PS Vaanya, PS One 10, and PS the 102 are a few of their remarkable initiatives.


5. The Mani Group

Mani Group, which was founded in 1980, is well-known in Kolkata’s real estate market. Their notable creations redefine luxury living, as they are well recognized for. They concentrate on giving their clients a comfortable living environment, and their projects are meticulously built with attention to detail. Mani Casa, Anantmani, and Mani Vista are some of their well-known projects.


6. Srijan Realty

Having been established in 1982, Srijan Realty is one of Eastern India’s top real estate developers. Their cutting-edge and high-end projects that meet the demands of contemporary living are well known. They have received numerous honors for their projects and place a high priority on client happiness and sustainability. Some of their popular builds are The Royal Ganges, Laguna Bay, and Southwinds.


7. DTC Group

DTC Group was founded in 1986 and has grown to be an important presence in Kolkata’s real estate industry. They are experts at designing luxurious homes and businesses that prioritize cutting-edge features and contemporary architecture. Their projects are renowned for being completed on schedule and of the highest caliber. DTC Southern Heights, DTC Rajarhat and DTC Sojon are a few of their interesting projects.


8. Godrej Group

In 2011, the well-known Indian real estate brand Godrej joined the Kolkata market. They have emerged as a top option for Kolkata homebuyers because of their strong brand and dedication to quality. Their designs are renowned for their sustainability and modernity. Godrej Prakriti, Godrej Platinum, and Godrej Seven are a few of their noteworthy undertakings.


9. Shapoorji Pallonji Group

Kolkata’s real estate market has witnessed the rise of Shapoorji, a well-known figure in the building business. Having completed more than 150 projects, they have a reputation for excellent quality and prompt project delivery. Its residential complexes are intended to offer their occupants an opulent and cozy environment. Some of their renowned developments are Shapoorji Garden Court, Shapoorji Joyville, and Shapoorji Sukho Brishti.


10. Eden Group

Eden Group has grown to be a significant force in Kolkata’s real estate industry by concentrating on producing luxury at an affordable price. They are renowned for producing projects on schedule and with distinctive designs. For their projects, they have won numerous accolades, including CREDAI Bengal’s “Best Affordable Housing Project” title. Eden Bella Vista, Eden Spring Villas, and Amantran are among their outstanding ventures.


As you navigate through the realm of Kolkata’s real estate market, keep these top 10 developers in mind. Remember, they are the ones reshaping the city’s skyline and crafting architectural marvels that transcend time. To find the perfect property from these developers and many more, explore the treasure trove of options offered by Get My Ghar, your ultimate guide in the quest for your dream home in the City of Joy.

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