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Points you should consider before purchasing a flat in Kolkata 

Posted by Get My Ghar on July 2, 2021
Points you should consider before purchasing a flat in Kolkata 

Buying the home of their dreams is a milestone in everyone’s life and especially when it is your first home. Kolkata is a city of joy and is now well known for its continuous growth in the domain of residential properties which makes this city among the top 3 of the country. In this article we will share about Points to keep in mind while purchasing a flat in Kolkata.

Having your own dream house in such a perfect city with a stunning environment is the best part. But before buying your dream home, everyone needs to focus on a few points which will help them to buy the perfect home they are looking for. It’s time to make the checklist and to ensure those points while looking for your dream house in your dream city Kolkata. There has been a rapid increase in the possession of 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats in the city.

Check the locality of the flat in Kolkata


Before buying your dream house, it is the most important point to check the locality where your apartment is residing. There are various 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats for sale in the city. You should be clear that for what purpose you are buying your house, for example, you are buying your house for residing with your family or to keep it for your weekends. Or sometimes some people buy those apartments just to keep them for rental purposes and to invest in the property for future savings.

If a person is buying any property for their residential purposes, then they need to make sure that apartments should be located at a point where everything such as hospitals, schools, institutes, markets, banks, and other locations that are necessary for day-to-day life should be around that particular apartment. As we know, Kolkata is one of the busiest cities and having a full day working profession makes it tough to visit apart areas for buying particular things and this may be considered as a wrong investment. 

The second point regarding the locality that you should consider while buying a dream house is the connectivity mode with the different parts of the city through various modes like public transport including buses, rickshaws or metros or through private transport.

The place should have easy accessibility to the railways and airports and the roads linked with the city should be well maintained and well developed. This investment will be considered more worthy if in the future the government is planning to develop new projects regarding metros in those particular areas. So, knowing about such projects will make your investment better and more profitable for you.  

You will get to know about all these points by your personal inspection of those apartments and the place where those apartments are located along with all the neighboring places and facilities. 

Pricing the property


The first factor that is probably considered is the price as it should not be a heavy burden on the shoulders of the one who is taking loans for the long run. There are various projects working on providing wide-scale 2 and 3 BHK flats at an affordable rate.

People usually think twice about the price when it comes to buying 3 BHK homes or making investments in properties. When choosing between purchasing an apartment or a service buyer usually looks for the best value for money and includes as many amenities as possible at that price.  

Before choosing your dream house in the city or looking for flats that are for sale, the first ascertain is your budget. Because 3 BHK flats in Kolkata and 2 BHK flats in Kolkata command a certain price that depends on the basic amenities that are provided and the locality in which they are residing.

Once you get that certain price that is quoted from the developer, compare them with the price of the neighboring properties that are located in the same area.  

After getting rates, compare properly between the price of 2 BHK flats in Kolkata and choose the best one for you and your family in the budget you fixed. 

Legal record of the property


The land on which the apartment is constructed should be legally authorized. The main thing is the developer should have the NOCs as well as the approvals from the Area Development Authority, Water suppliers, and electrical boards as well as the municipal corporation so that the residents of that apartment will not get any kind of problem while residing there. 

Buyer should examine that the land of the building is appropriate for their house which is a necessary check out and to ensure that the history and the attributes of the land which includes the style, condition, topography, and any issues which are related to the past construction. They need to conduct a background check which will accumulate the information that is regarding the rights, ownership, and obligations towards the property. 

Amenities provided


Life really gets easier when you get proper amenities and you have access to useful facilities within your gated community. When it is not only included the security factor, but a residential project, which is highly enriched with amenities, is more favorable than any standalone department or building.

The 3 BHK flats in South Kolkata have more great facilities as compared to other apartments and all the luxury amenities are available there with over 65% of greenery and make your life more beautiful and closer to nature.  

Most of the time, the buyers are getting attracted to the particular locale or a place only because of the charm, the convenience, the security, and the lifestyle the apartment provides. Some areas have an edge over others because they are closer to the local markets, Schools, Medical facilities, and others that consumers and residents may need. So, it is very common for the people of the community to find the perfect place and move in because of some peaceful and wonderful surroundings. 

Not only in South Kolkata, but also the 2 BHK and 3 BHK flat in Newtown, Kolkata offers a great amazing facility which should be carefully considered and many new projects are providing the better home automation and the system of security, the comfort zone, the clubs and the meditation center, the halls, restaurants, and Skypoint. So, another point that many buyers value is what the apartment provides and how spacious it is.  

Type of house required

Type of house required

There are a variety of houses that are available in Kolkata. Which buyers can afford within their budget and can live with their family. But for proper living, the type of house you need depends on how many people will be living in it. For example, a 3 BHK flat in Kolkata is perfect for a family of around four members.

Buyers should always check the buildup area of the house instead of just looking at the area as the buildup area shows how much of the floor can really come in utilization and the number of the bedrooms along with the number of bathrooms is essential to keep in mind. Usually, spacious 2 & 3 BHK flats have various amenities and facilities available.

There are various 3 BHK flats in Kolkata within 30 Lakhs which a buyer can afford with top-class amenities. And the 2 BHK flats in Newtown Kolkata within 15 Lakhs are also very good in their range and amenities. 

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement 

Terms and conditions are the First and most important points to consider while buying a property of the written contract with the developer. It should include specifications in the terms and conditions like the option for payment, the deadlines for the delivery, and what are the penalty clauses in case of any default on either side. There’s always a written agreement that automatically takes care of the hidden costs if there are any. 

Terms and agreements are considered very crucial because the country still doesn’t have a well-defined guideline system or regulator for the sector of real estate. If a buyer is purchasing any kind of apartment in a project which is considered as completed, then they should have to physically confirm that the project is complete in all aspects.

In particular, the completion certificate of the government authority implies that the project is completed and now it’s perfect to live in. Other things that a buyer looks out for are electricity, the connection for the water, the connection for electricity, the equipment for fire safety, disaster management mechanism, and finally the property tax recipients. 

The timeline of the project

The timeline of the project 

If you are looking for a flat in Kolkata that is under construction, make a realistic assessment of the timeline. The delivery of the projects may depend on several factors like the supply of raw material, the sales of the project, and especially the pace of the construction during rainy days and that’s why many developers often seek a grace period, which may vary for the final review of the project, but before signing the contract and terms and conditions, see whether the developer has mentioned or explained the details regarding the grace period or not.

In case a developer doesn’t mention the details regarding grace periods then it’s better to not invest in that project and look for some other project for your investment in the apartment.



Buying a dream house in the city of Joy Kolkata is one of the biggest steps of your life and you have to remember these points while buying any kind of apartment whether it’s 3 BHK in Newtown, Kolkata, or 2 BHK in South Kolkata. Choose your dream house wisely and invest in the best property by considering all the above points.

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