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Top Locations to Buy Flats in Kolkata for Investment

Posted by EB Backend on August 4, 2022

Real estate has always been a field where you can invest and gain profits. Looking at the boom in the IT sector in Kolkata, there has been a significant increase in infrastructure and real estate investment. Find out the best locations of flats in Kolkata for investment purpose.

Proposed residential buyers who look for flats for sale in Kolkata are extremely intrigued about locations like Rajarhat, Uttarapura, and Southern Bypass. On top of it, there are many other locations in South and East Kolkata that are on their wish list.

If you’re looking for affordable and sophisticated flats in Kolkata, know about the top locations from where you can start your search. Dive in now to know about them in detail:

Places where you can find flats in Kolkata


Best property to invest in: Godrej Seven

Joka is a locality in the southern part of Kolkata and is renowned for the IIM center present there. Nearby Behala, the area is developing at a faster pace and has nearly every facility that’s required to live along with the family.

Joka is now having high-rise building apartments and famous properties which are attracting a lot of real estate investment. Although there are numerous flats for sale in south Kolkata,   Godrej Seven is an option to think of.

The Godrej Seven in Joka is one of the best projects to invest in. The building has the availability of luxurious flats in Kolkata that not only offer the best gains, or infrastructure but also the best amenities to the investors.


Best property to invest in: Merlin X

Located in eastern part of Kolkata, Tangra is emerging as one of the best places to invest in Kolkata. The recent development in this area has allowed investors to experience the serene environment along with a modern lifestyle and easy connectivity to the places around.

The Merlin X at Tangra could be the best project option to invest in as it has all the facilities for the family. It has been recently launched and could be of benefit to you to invest at this stage.


Best Property to Invest in: Shriram Grand City

Uttarapura is a calm place with a tranquil environment. In addition to this, it has also become one of the fastest developing areas in the last few years. All the industries and infrastructure developers are now attracted to this area.

Although numerous new projects are emerging in this area owing to the perfect natural environment along with the connectivity provided by the railways and roadways, the project you can think of investing in could be Shriram Grand City in Uttarapura.

The developers have carefully planned the entire project considering the safety and the needs of the buyers while providing them all the perks.

EM Bypass

Best Property to Invest in: Laguna Bay

EM bypass has become one of the popular options for residing due to its connectivity with the express highway. The highway was basically meant for connecting South Kolkata to North Kolkata right where the EM bypass is situated.

The area is filled with all required amenities, emergency centers, and daily need provision centers. Moreover, there are numerous hospitals, malls, gardens, and schools in this area. It also has recreation centers, restaurants, and movie theatres nearby facilitating a comfortable lifestyle.

You can look for investing in Laguna Bay a newly launched project in the EM bypass area filled with all the modern amenities.

Final Words:

So, these were some of the areas you can explore to look for flats for sale in Kolkata. However, the list doesn’t end here. There are numerous in-demand flats in Rajarhat in buildings like Rishi Pranaya, Urban Greens II, Merlin Rise, Siddha Galaxia, and more.

Now that you have got familiar with different areas of Kolkata where you can find flats for sale, get assistance from the experts at GetMyGhar for further proceedings. Visit our YouTube channel to know more about the best flats for sale and the best bungalows for sale in Kolkata.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult the professionals today to know more about real estate investment tips.

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