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Why Rajarhat area is a good decision for Real Estate Investment ?

Posted by Get My Ghar on March 28, 2023

Rajarhat is a rapidly developing area located in the northeastern part of Kolkata, West Bengal. The area is known for its IT parks, commercial complexes, residential apartments, and other modern amenities. Here are some of the properties you can find in Rajarhat:

  • Residential apartments: Rajarhat has a wide range of residential apartments that cater to different budgets and preferences. You can find apartments ranging from affordable to luxurious, with varying sizes and amenities.

DTC Rajarhat

  • Villas and bungalows: There are also villas and bungalows available in Rajarhat, which offer spacious living spaces, private gardens, and modern amenities.

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  • Commercial spaces: Rajarhat is a hub for IT and other businesses, and there are several commercial spaces available for rent or purchase. These include office spaces, retail shops, and commercial complexes.

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  • Gated communities: Many gated communities have been developed in Rajarhat, offering residents a secure and comfortable living environment. These communities often have amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centres, and playgrounds.

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  • Land for development: Rajarhat is also an area where you can find land for development, which is ideal for investors or developers looking to build new residential or commercial projects. Overall, Rajarhat is a promising area for real estate investment, with its growing infrastructure and modern amenities attracting buyers and renters alike.


Top properties in Rajarhat Kolkata:-

1. Merlin Rise
2. Newtown Villas
3. PS Vaanya
4. DTC Rajarhat
5. Vinayak Atlantis
6. Rishi Pranaya
7. Urban Vista
8. The Orchid Grandeur
9. Gurukul Heights
10. Purti Veda
11. Siddha Happyville
12. Urban Greens
13. Mani casa
14. PS One 10
15. Ambuja Urvisha

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