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Rajarhat: The Investment Destination In East Kolkata

Rajarhat new town is a luxurious city constructed by the state of West Bengal in the 1990s to meet the city’s housing demand. This was done to accommodate the city’s growing population and housing demand. Looking for flats In Rajarhat? Rajarhat is the best with strategic location and growing infrastructure for businesses and investors.

The new apartments in Rajarhat Newtown Kolkata are furnished with a variety of conveniences and facilities, the likes of which are difficult to come by in the main housing developments in Kolkata. But if you are looking for an investment opportunity, then Rajarhat is a good investment location in East Kolkata.

Connectivity between Rajarhat New Town and Kolkata

The residents of the apartments in New Town Kolkata Rajarhat have a variety of choices available to them in terms of how they get around and how well connected they are to the rest of the city.

You have access to a wide variety of different modes of transportation thanks to the well-developed transportation network in the region, which includes a variety of different transit facilities such as bus routes, metro lines, taxi and rickshaw services.

The principal train station and international airport in Kolkata are located 14 and 11 kilometers away from the city center. These locations are convenient for passengers who regularly leave the city. There are many luxury bungalows for sale in Kolkata which you can check out too.

As a result of the fact that more than 300 buses, both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned, start or end their routes at or pass through the Rajarhat New Town bus terminal, this neighborhood is considered to be one of the most well-connected in all of Kolkata.

When it comes to travel by car, Rajarhat  New Town is well served by a network of six-lane roads and highways, the most notable of which are the Biswa Bangla Sarani Road and the New Town Road, amongst others.

Affordable Rates of flats In Rajarhat

Affordable Rates

Any real estate transaction should focus on price and value. This is true whether you’re buying Rajarhat new town Kolkata flats or elsewhere.

Despite the fact that the prices of homes and other properties for sale in Rajarhat Kolkata have been going up at a consistent rate for over a decade, the value buyer will find a lot of tempting house purchasing options in Rajarhat new town.

When compared to the prices of apartments in Kolkata South, those in Rajarhat new town are significantly more affordable. This is due to the fact that Rajarhat new town is situated on the city’s outskirts, away from the central business district.

A fair amount of money will buy you an apartment in Rajarhat new town Kolkata that is not only roomy and cozy but also has many balconies. If you want to buy flats in some other locations, but in Kolkata only, then you can consider flats for sale in south Kolkata.

Return On Investment

The neighborhood offers an intriguing value proposition for prospective buyers who are interested in purchasing flats in Rajarhat new town Kolkata for the purpose of making an investment.

For instance, the price of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Rajarhat new town can range anywhere from 35 to 55 lakhs, and the monthly rental income it can bring in can range anywhere from 16,000 to 28,000 Indian rupees (INR), depending on the quality of the construction, the amenities, and the interior furnishing and fixtures.

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Even after paying for the upkeep and maintenance on an annual basis, you will still be left with a respectable amount of money; as a result, apartments in Rajarhat new town Kolkata may be legitimately regarded as assets that generate income.

Along with this, the demand for flats for rent in Rajarhat new town Kolkata, in addition to the rental seek for residential properties, will continue to rise as a result of the inflow of young professionals and married couples who are moving to the region in order to be near to the adjacent IT district.

In the medium to long term, there is significant investment opportunity seen in Rajarhat. Within a time frame of three to five years, the social and municipal infrastructure would also expand to the point where it would be adequate to drive up costs.

In the long run, five years or more, commercial properties, which are high-ticket investments, would also be thriving, and the appreciation of rentals would be gratifying as well.

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